About Us


We get it.

We understand solo and small firms.

We know what it’s like to know how much better you could be doing with a little more resources, a little more knowledge, a little more time.

That’s why we’re here.

healthcaremarketinglogoAs a member of the Power Practice Network, we help small and solo law firms like you get better at online marketing and strategic planning through our Success Jump Start programs, Best of the Web newscasts and Second Opinion audits of your online presence.

In addition to our services, we also produce the blog that you’re visiting right now and keep audience up to date with subscriptions to what matters most for marketing professional services. Sign up today to receive updates from our networks and reviews of the latest online tools for marketing your practice.

Who are we?


Todd McCall – I help professionals who are marketing professional services get the attention they deserve by developing an online presence that converts visitors into clients.



163621_1720927953460_1171881_nLee Abrahamson – Co-founder of Law Marketing Association and its Power Practice Network of resources for solo and small firms. Principal at the Advisory Board.





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