Important Tips For Doctors With Personal Clinics

order vs chaosWhen you plan to start with your own personal clinic as a doctor, you need to ensure that it earns a good reputation for you. That’s the only way you will be able to attract more patients. Reputation can come in two ways. The first way is obviously your performance, and the way you treat your patients or help them recover from their illnesses. The second way is by making sure that your clinic has a good image, such that people feel like coming to it.

You need to make your clinic look impressive, and hygienic at the same time. So here are a few tips that you must keep in mind.

Keep It Simple

Remember, it’s a clinic, and not a fancy restaurant. So you must maintain that with minimalistic, yet impressive interiors and designs. Most doctors like to have basic notice boards in the waiting area with latest health news, and some informational posters about the human body and health.
Keep It Hygienic

Your clinic must speak of hygiene all the time. Maintain proper cleanliness to ensure that patients don’t catch any allergies and illnesses from your clinic itself. Being a doctor, it’s your job to educate people on cleanliness and hygiene, and that must first reflect in your clinic. So ensure that you get regular termite and pest control treatments done in your clinic. That keeps the premises healthy and sanitized.

Keep It Safe

If you are a child specialist, then you will obviously have a lot of children visiting your clinic. Keeping that in mind, you must ensure that the clinic is safe for them. Kids move around a lot, so you can’t have any sharp or pointy objects around. Moreover, don’t crowd the place too much, and keep decent distance between things. Also try to avoid keeping plants indoors, as some people might be allergic to it.

Maintain Discipline

Make sure that all your appointments are spread out decently, in a manner that your clinic is never too crowded with people. When there are too many people, there is too much noise, and there are too many things to control. So avoid such situations and keep a nice, calm working atmosphere for yourself. That would also benefit the patients, as they would feel that they are getting individual attention.

Make Some Rules

Make some rules for your clinic, and request patients and staff to stick to them. Don’t let anyone enter inside minus shoe covers, and don’t allow any eatables inside the clinic too. Request people to keep their phone on silent, and also request them to not make any kind of noise.

You must understand that in a way, your clinic is a reflection of who you are, and the kind of work ethics and principles you follow. So for you to set a good impression in front of your patients, you need to make sure that your clinic does a major part of the job. That will go a long way in helping you build a successful career.


Chase Cullen is a freelance writer and an avid reader. He shares his views about the world and life through his articles. He just hired a leading pest control and lawn service company to make sure his garden is well taken care of.

Marketing Research: Where To Spend Your Advertising Budget Online

advertising budgetInternet advertising offers proven ways to drive traffic, increase conversions and build your business. However, with so many methods and platforms from which to choose, deciding the best platforms to use can be a difficult process. Without a proper strategy, online advertising expenses can climb at an astounding rate. These platforms offer measurable results and affordable pricing to help you optimize your online advertising budget.

1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords offers an easy to use system with a full suite of analytics and planning tools to ensure your efforts stay within your advertising budget. The key to getting the most from AdWords is conducting thorough keyword research and utilizing all of the tools that Google makes available. Many businesses make the mistake of simply setting an inclusive AdWords list and launching their campaign. By researching the most cost-efficient keywords and utilizing exclusions and geo-targeting along with inclusive lists, you can hone your campaign to produce results with less investment.

2. Banner Advertisements

Banner advertisements are a great way to compliment any Internet marketing plan. Searching for sites within your niche or market will often yield a long list of potential sites that will allow banner advertisements to be displayed in various time intervals. Checking site statistics on sites such as Alexa can help to provide information on how popular the page is and how many impressions you can hope to obtain with a banner ad. Consider these factors in combination with pricing to find the best match for your advertising budget.

3. Article and Content Marketing

Sponsored posts and content marketing are one of the most affordable methods of advertising and gaining exposure. By positioning your articles or content in article databases or on prominent websites and blogs within your industry, you can gain massive boosts to traffic and exposure for your business at affordable rates. Site criteria for submitted content vary greatly. Should your business or marketing team lack writers, there are a number of content creation services and independent writers available on the Internet that can draft high-quality content at affordable prices.

4. Video Marketing

Rises in mobile web browsing and shifts in media consumption have led to a surge of interest in video content. Whether you are creating an advertorial, providing product information or going for the ultimate viral ad, video marketing offers outstanding potential for any business. Distributing videos through sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Metacafe offers great exposure for your ad. Should you desire targeted, cost-based video marketing, many video sites also sell slots that air before popular videos. However, these services often come at a premium price.

5. Facebook Advertisements

From businesses and charities to friends and family, it seems that every one is on Facebook. The platform also offers a comprehensive advertisement and post promotion system that allows you to generate targets, budgets and other criteria to ensure that your efforts stay within your allotted budget. Whether you are looking to create a larger social media following or simply promote your business, Facebook has plenty of tools to help. Facebook promotions and giveaways are also a pretty important part of the landscape these days.

Internet advertising can be a daunting experience. Without knowledge of how to use various formats and the best methods to choose, it is easy to spend a large sum of money with little results. These five options offer affordable, in-depth Internet advertising tools for businesses of any size or budget.


About the Author : Julianne Parrish is a mother of one beautiful daughter. She loves spending time with her and catching up on reading otherwise. Julianne also likes reviewing sites like Optiva, which specialize in SpellBrite LED Signs.

Give The Best Impression And Upgrade Your Office

medical office upgradeIn the world of business, looks are important. No matter how brilliant your company is, if you do not give an excellent first impression to your potential clients and partners you will not get much success.

Imagine your business like a sports car you wanted to sell. A person sees it advertised and is interested in purchasing it. You arrange a meeting, and the person arrives to see a car with a dulled paint job that’s covered in mud. Rather than take it for a spin, they immediately decide that it’s not the car for them and leave. The car doesn’t get sold, and eventually you have to lower the price to make the sale.

What the person didn’t see from the first impression was that under the hood the engine was perfectly maintained and the car was fully functioning, driving like a dream. By just cleaning the car and giving it’s paintwork a touch up, you are improving the car’s appearance, giving a clear reflection of how the car performs, which will lead to a sale.

Much like the car, your business not only needs to function efficiently and provide a great service, but should also have an appearance that reflects this. Consider redesigning your office space to give a professional appearance to your company.

Reception Area

Having a stylish reception area is important as it is usually the first visual impression a prospective client, or potential employee will get of your business. Reception areas are often the busiest area of a business so it is important to keep your reception clear of any unnecessary clutter and keep furniture to a minimum.

Here, design is important to create a professional but friendly environment. The layout, colour scheme and atmosphere created here should be a reflection of your company’s ethos.


Gone are the days of heavy mahogany desks creating an atmosphere of power and authority in the boardroom, nowadays, businesses should be working towards creating the idea of a friendly partnership with clients, and although power and knowledge are still important things to convey, your furniture needs to be modern and stylish to keep up with the modern day.  No one is going to pick a company to work with if its offices look outdated, as appearance reflects on the concepts of the company.

Don’t Neglect Other Areas

Upgrading your office space will give the best impression to your clients and is also proven to aid a more productive environment, just like how keeping your car clean can help prevent rust, therefore making your car run more smoothly and for longer.

When deciding on an office fit out, it is important not to just focus on areas that clients will see, but also to pay attention to areas where employees work. It is well known that a pleasant environment creates a more productive workforce.

Get Professional Help

When redesigning your office space, make like your clients do- get the professionals in. Don’t try and save money by doing it yourself. Professional office designers will help you maximise the use of your office space and, with their experience, will get the job done quicker than if you were to do it yourself.


Beth Stubbings works for Premiere Office Solutions. She is aware of how office appearance can affect productivity and increase business.

Taking Your Online Reputation To The Next Level

reputation managementThere is a lot of talk about how you can promote small businesses online by using search engine optimization techniques. While SEO tactics will constantly change, accumulating good reviews and positive feedback is something that will have a lasting and permanents effect. If you know how to earn the good opinion of your customers you will find that good results in search engines will follow and in an organic and lasting way.

Getting Positive Reviews and Ratings

There are several ways to get good reviews and ratings from customers. The first is through your own website. You need to think about a comments and review section at the early stages of planning your own jewelry website. This section should ideally allow customers to post their opinion about the purchase they have made, the level of customer service they received and the quality of your product.

Direct your customers to established review websites such as Epinions and Yelp and encourage them to write a review there. If you accumulate a large number of positive reviews in such websites, you increase your chances of being successful in search results. Such reviews will sometimes appear when a consumer is searching for a particular product and considerably improve your chances of appearing trustworthy. When potential customers feel that they can trust you, you more than double your chances of making an actual sale.

You can also create Facebook pages for your jewelry business and encourage your clients to post positive reviews. When you get positive reviews from several sources, social media, review sites and e-commerce sites, you convince both consumers and search engines that you are the real deal.

Adjusting your Customer Service Practices

Most chances are that you will be selling your jewelry in e-commerce websites as well as through your own website. Such websites will always have a ratings system. You are probably familiar with the Ebay style five star rating system and how influential it is in potential customers’ decisions whether or not to make a particular purchase.

The famous “the customer is always right” slogan is now more important than ever. But in addition to successfully resolving customer care issues, you will also need to develop a customer service strategy and publish clear terms and conditions for each and every product that you put up for sale.

You will need to be very specific about issues such as postage and mailing fees and postage, as well as customer dissatisfaction and returns. By outlining in writing your terms and conditions, you will avoid most of the possible misunderstanding. If you fail to define clearly what happens in cases of loss, breakage, theft or customer dissatisfaction you may have a hard time dealing with such issues if and when they arise.

You will also need to make some concessions, even in cases in which you have outlined your policies and are in the right. Remember, that in today’s new online jewelry market it is preferable to lose a small amount of money on a particular sale than to receive a negative review.


Doron Heifetz is an expert jeweler and the owner of the monogram necklace website.