Give The Best Impression And Upgrade Your Office

medical office upgradeIn the world of business, looks are important. No matter how brilliant your company is, if you do not give an excellent first impression to your potential clients and partners you will not get much success.

Imagine your business like a sports car you wanted to sell. A person sees it advertised and is interested in purchasing it. You arrange a meeting, and the person arrives to see a car with a dulled paint job that’s covered in mud. Rather than take it for a spin, they immediately decide that it’s not the car for them and leave. The car doesn’t get sold, and eventually you have to lower the price to make the sale.

What the person didn’t see from the first impression was that under the hood the engine was perfectly maintained and the car was fully functioning, driving like a dream. By just cleaning the car and giving it’s paintwork a touch up, you are improving the car’s appearance, giving a clear reflection of how the car performs, which will lead to a sale.

Much like the car, your business not only needs to function efficiently and provide a great service, but should also have an appearance that reflects this. Consider redesigning your office space to give a professional appearance to your company.

Reception Area

Having a stylish reception area is important as it is usually the first visual impression a prospective client, or potential employee will get of your business. Reception areas are often the busiest area of a business so it is important to keep your reception clear of any unnecessary clutter and keep furniture to a minimum.

Here, design is important to create a professional but friendly environment. The layout, colour scheme and atmosphere created here should be a reflection of your company’s ethos.


Gone are the days of heavy mahogany desks creating an atmosphere of power and authority in the boardroom, nowadays, businesses should be working towards creating the idea of a friendly partnership with clients, and although power and knowledge are still important things to convey, your furniture needs to be modern and stylish to keep up with the modern day.  No one is going to pick a company to work with if its offices look outdated, as appearance reflects on the concepts of the company.

Don’t Neglect Other Areas

Upgrading your office space will give the best impression to your clients and is also proven to aid a more productive environment, just like how keeping your car clean can help prevent rust, therefore making your car run more smoothly and for longer.

When deciding on an office fit out, it is important not to just focus on areas that clients will see, but also to pay attention to areas where employees work. It is well known that a pleasant environment creates a more productive workforce.

Get Professional Help

When redesigning your office space, make like your clients do- get the professionals in. Don’t try and save money by doing it yourself. Professional office designers will help you maximise the use of your office space and, with their experience, will get the job done quicker than if you were to do it yourself.


Beth Stubbings works for Premiere Office Solutions. She is aware of how office appearance can affect productivity and increase business.