Online Videos Can Impact Your Internet Marketing

Online videos add dimension to any website.  They can showcase a product or service in a way text and still-graphics simply cannot.  The adage, “A picture says a thousand words”, is absolutely true, but when it comes to on-line videos, I dare say that it’s safe to say, “A picture says a thousand words, but a video says a thousand more.”

How Can Videos Make A Difference?

Videos have great potential to impact your marketing efforts in positive ways; and here are a few thoughts to consider:

  • Videos add a human touch to your product—they provide a personal feel in a digital world.
  • Videos can contribute to higher conversion rates.
  • Videos afford increased exposure, especially when utilizing such popular, dominating platforms as YouTube.

The Forrester Research Report of January 2009 revealed that a video is at least 50 times more likely to produce a first-page Google ranking than conventional search engine marketing methods.  Additionally, videos will start to show in search engine results in days instead of months.  With that being said, the research is worth pondering and it just might behoove one to seriously consider embedding video(s) in one’s online site.

Implementing the Video Dimension:

A key element is adding that oh-so-rare personal touch; and that means appealing to your audience in a way that will enlist them and keep their attention.  The types of topics that are universally appealing are simple yet intriguing, are humble yet articulate and give a ‘down-home’ feel, such as:

  • Videos that provide ‘how-to’ advice on repairing, creating, solving, playing, organizing—whatever perspective would compliment your site’s product or service.
  • Videos that allow one to ‘meet’ those in your company who ‘make it happen’— there’s something about putting a human face to a business’ work-team.  It allows your on-line visitors to gain a sense of genuine connectedness—you become more ‘real’; and that transparency translates into consumers’ increased confidence and trust in you as well as your product or service; and that will, most definitely, influence conversion rates.
  • Videos that offer quiz snippets–for example, if your on-line business provides exotic animals for children’s parties, quiz snippets can capture attention and maintain a level of intrigue.  Here’s an example:  “Do you think our most exotic animal at your party will be: (a) a baby alligator (b) a kangaroo (c) a desert fox or (d) a 5’ boa constrictor?  Snippets should offer dramatic information, if at all possible, that gets one’s juices flowing, rousing a visitor to want to know more!

On-site tours or behind-the-scene interviews could serve as a video’s approach, as well—any topic that captivates a visitor’s interest and keeps it, while developing a feeling of intimacy at the same time.

The Needed Technical Side:

If you have successfully created your video, your production will need to be prepared in such a way that it can be indexed by search engines.  Once your video is uploaded to your website, you’ll need to submit it to Google or it will not be crawled and indexed as a regular page, which means it would fail to show up in search engine results.  You’ll want to take the necessary step of utilizing a media RSS feed to actively submit your video information or create a video sitemap which will provide guidelines for video content.  You must, also, create a robots.txt file and incorporate all your video pages to make sure Google is not restricted, and permit the search engine to rapidly authenticate your video content.  If this sounds too overwhelming, professionals like MMT Advertising, can help with this final step.

A bit of elbow grease, but the rewards will be worth the effort!


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Five Ways To Spruce Up Your Healthcare Blog

bloggingManaging a healthcare blog requires more than solid and reputable information to share with your visitors, your patients, and all other individuals interested in taking care of their own health.

When you have a healthcare blog, ensuring it is visually appealing, accessible and relevant are also key factors in determining the amount of success you are likely to experience online and in your office. There are a few ways that you can ensure your healthcare blog is reaching as many individuals as possible, regardless of the type of content you are focusing on or what field of medicine you practice.

Take a few of the following tips to revamp your healthcare blog and make the most out of every article you post.

Determine Your Target Audience And Demographic

Setting up a successful healthcare blog requires insight into the target audience and demographic you desire to reach. Understanding the age group, gender and even the interests of the individuals you intend to appeal to will help you coordinate your logo, color scheme and the overall look and layout of your blog once you launch it live. Not to mention, understand your target audience inside and out will help you craft content that appeals to them directly.

Find out why your readers come to your website. Alternatively, find out why other potential readers prefer going to a different healthcare blog. The answers to these questions will help you cater everything from the topics to the featured images to the very readers you’d like to reach. The more knowledge you have about the audience you want to appeal to, the easier it is to reach them.

Allow Your Visitors To Comment And Join In Discussions

Adding commenting functionality to your healthcare blog will keep visitors coming back for more, as well as interested in sharing their own thoughts and opinions regarding the topics you’ve posted about, the articles you’ve cited, and so on. In other words, giving your readers a space to interact with you and each other in is a great way to make your blog into a virtual hot spot.

Further encourage activity on your blog by asking questions throughout your blog posts. This will make them more likely to share your content with other family and friends, increasing the total number of visitors and page views you are able to receive regularly.

Implement Social Media Tools

Implementing social media tools and virtual pages are key factors in finding success in the online world, especially in the blogosphere. By creating Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even LinkedIn profiles that represent you professionally, as well as promote your healthcare blog, you can greatly expand your audience without the traditional investments of advertising and marketing campaigns.

You can also add different social media tools directly to your blog that will allow your visitors to virtually “like” or “share” the content you choose to publish with their own circles of family and friends. You’ll not only become more active in these communities, but you’ll also become more relevant in the healthcare industry, both online and off.

Create a Visually Appealing Layout

Having a visually appealing layout is essential when you want to attract first-time visitors on your site to stay even longer and to browse the content you have to offer. A great layout will also keep retuning visitors interested and alert. In other words, no one can say that your blog bores them!

A visually appealing layout may require market research and the ability to streamline your logo and the remaining colors you choose to use throughout your blog. The more visually appealing your layout is to others, the more likely you are to receive return visitors and referrals to others who are interested in the content and information regarding health that you have to offer.

Cross-Test Usability on Multiple Browsers and Operating Systems

It is absolutely vital to cross-test your website or blog using various browsers and operating systems. Because everyone browses online using different resolutions, browsers and operating systems, ensuring your blog properly loads in different situations will keep visitors happy and able to access your content from anywhere.

Many bloggers and medical practitioners don’t consider these sorts of aspects when optimizing their blogs and websites, but they can make a huge difference to your readers. Furthermore, offering a mobile version of your healthcare blog will also increase your readership, especially with the boost of smartphones available on the market today.

Sprucing up your healthcare blog is a great way to build a positive reputation online while also boosting your own credibility, regardless of the healthcare industry you represent and the type of information or research you plan to present. The more in-tune you are with maintaining a modern and appealing website, the easier it is to receive visitors who are more likely to share your content and come back for more in the future.

Pete Wise is a blogger working for 20/20 LASIK Institute Indianapolis. When I’m not managing the facebook page, I’m qualifying our patients for LASIK and scheduling appointments.

Internet Marketing Predictions For 2013 (That Turned Out To Be Completely Wrong)

online marketing strategyOne thing internet marketers like to keep up on would be trends. Trends are going to have an impact on the way they are able to make money on the internet. So marketers want to be able to see them coming so they can make adjustments. Towards the end of the year each year experts come out with a number of predictions for the upcoming year that are supposed to be huge.

Often times these predictions are based on what is already happening or what they believe is going to continue to grow in popularity. But in some cases the predictions they make can be completely wrong. This causes problems for all sorts of reasons. Here are a few:

  • Predictions that do not come to pass often leave internet marketers or those who rely on the internet distrustful of future predictions. This is a bad thing because sometimes predictions actually can come true. But if someone invests the time and energy to alter their whole business model to follow something then they want to be sure it is going to pay off. When it doesn’t they are disappointed.
  • Predictions are often based on things that are already happening. So often times the predictions that come out will tell people they should invest more heavily into something then what they already are. People who decide to go this route take a risk because they might decide to get away from something that is already working for them. Instead they will follow the prediction and invest more of their time into something that is not as effective.
  • Predictions often are wrong because they are based on trends. The problem with trends is that they do not last long. Someone who is serious about making money online or using the internet seriously for any reason does not want to build something on quick sand. They want to build it on something they know is going to last and not fade as soon as something bigger and better comes along. MySpace is a good example of this.

Even though the year 2013 is still very young there are already some predictions that have not come true the way experts said they were. Seeing as how the year is still young we are going to focus on the predictions that if they were going to come to pass it would have already happened by now.

Failed internet marketing predictions for the year 2013:

In the year 2013 design is going to matter more than anything

There are certain companies that have really fancy websites. Some of these would include Apple and Pinterest. But a lot of other website do not have the same fancy design and graphics as the big boy websites might. So internet marketers were told that by adding certain graphics and design to their website this would help keep users attention and it would lead to more sales.

The internet markets that followed the prediction found out that design might make a website look better, but it does not translate into sales. Here is what ended up happening:

  • Internet markers who focused on design and graphics invested too much time in this and not enough time on the quality of their content or the quality of products/services they were selling. Because of this they ended up losing ground to competitors who although they might have had plain looking websites, they were offering better value all around.
  • The big boys can focus on graphics and design because they have the financial means to hire other people to do the work. Plus they are already established brands. Most people do not even buy the products directly from these websites, but by using other avenues.
  • People who decided to focus on design and graphics found out that because of the widespread use of smartphones and tablets people were not able to load up their websites as fast as they would like. In some cases the website did not load at all. So all the traffic a website could of got it did not get. What do you believe this does for sales? Having a plain looking website that is able to load quickly is better then having one with a lot of graphics or fancy designs, especially seeing as how a lot of people use a smartphone to access the web these days.

In the year 2013 Video marketing is going to dominate

Internet marketers already knew that making videos was going to be one of the best ways to get traffic in 2013. This trend has been growing for a long time now. The only problem is that as good as Video is it is just not applicable to all type of business. What the experts do not tell you is that you need a high quality video that actually offers a reason to watch.

Yes, 95% of what is watched on a short video is remember, which is way better than regular text. But the type of business you run just might not be suited for it. This can lead to all sorts of problems like those listed below:

  • You try to make a lot of videos, but you try to force things. Your video might not be suited for the type of audience that is going to be on video sharing websites like YouTube. People come to these types of websites most of the time to be entertained and not marketed to. The problem is that people associate video with YouTube exclusively and they believe if they do not use the existing traffic YouTube gets then making a video is useless.
  • The type of video you need to make you might not be able to put on YouTube or people might not be willing to watch it all with so many other choices. On your own websites your videos can be more detailed and they can be longer. On your own websites there will not be so much competition where people can easily click another video that interests them. Plus you own the video and not YouTube. When you put something on this website it becomes their property, because you are using their existing traffic pool.

There is a difference between predictions and trends. Trends are usually based on what is popular at the moment, but they can be unpopular tomorrow. As an internet marketer you cannot build based on this. Predictions are supposed to be about looking to the past in order to get a good idea of the future. Sometimes these predictions are wrong though, because there are just too many variables that get ignored. Plus people also tend to have confirmation bias.


Emily Smith is a freelance writer who is keen on writing about online marketing, online advertising, seo reseller program among various other topics.

Repurposing Your Content Across Multiple Media Platforms

Getting your content marketing strategy off of the ground can be take up a lot of time and resources when you are starting from scratch. Thankfully, you probably have much more written material on hand than you might realize if you know how to look for it. No matter what professional service niche your practice specializes in, the chances are that you have already generated a considerable library of content already over the years. Instead of creating all of your content from scratch, simply dedicate some time to finding suitable material through old documents, such as:

  • Marketing Materials
  • Reports
  • Email Messages
  • Case Studies
  • Newsletters
  • Forum Discussions
  • Presentations

Provided that you have been working in your industry for some time, it is easy to see that there is no need to invest a ton of time or money in starting your content marketing from scratch. However, it is important to remember not to include any materials that may have already been posted elsewhere online without rewriting them first. Otherwise, the major search engines will overlook your content and not consider any new backlinks that you’ve created for you search engine result placement.

Depending on your content management strategy, you may want to consider using products or reports that you typically only offer to paying clients. For example, many professional service businesses have managed to establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry niches by releasing free white papers and presentations that they once charged a premium for. Larger reports like these can also be divided into shorter articles that can be used for blog posts, free trade publications, podcasts and much more. With a little bit of creativity, you can easily take a single report and repurpose your content across a multitude of media platforms and maximize the impact of your content marketing strategy.

This article is a brief abstract from a core learning module included in a Marketing Jump Start program provided to our association and Power Practice Network members. As a member, you will gain access to our four key courses and Success Tools Pro, which provides a constant update of tools and resources for building your practice.