Five Ways To Spruce Up Your Healthcare Blog

bloggingManaging a healthcare blog requires more than solid and reputable information to share with your visitors, your patients, and all other individuals interested in taking care of their own health.

When you have a healthcare blog, ensuring it is visually appealing, accessible and relevant are also key factors in determining the amount of success you are likely to experience online and in your office. There are a few ways that you can ensure your healthcare blog is reaching as many individuals as possible, regardless of the type of content you are focusing on or what field of medicine you practice.

Take a few of the following tips to revamp your healthcare blog and make the most out of every article you post.

Determine Your Target Audience And Demographic

Setting up a successful healthcare blog requires insight into the target audience and demographic you desire to reach. Understanding the age group, gender and even the interests of the individuals you intend to appeal to will help you coordinate your logo, color scheme and the overall look and layout of your blog once you launch it live. Not to mention, understand your target audience inside and out will help you craft content that appeals to them directly.

Find out why your readers come to your website. Alternatively, find out why other potential readers prefer going to a different healthcare blog. The answers to these questions will help you cater everything from the topics to the featured images to the very readers you’d like to reach. The more knowledge you have about the audience you want to appeal to, the easier it is to reach them.

Allow Your Visitors To Comment And Join In Discussions

Adding commenting functionality to your healthcare blog will keep visitors coming back for more, as well as interested in sharing their own thoughts and opinions regarding the topics you’ve posted about, the articles you’ve cited, and so on. In other words, giving your readers a space to interact with you and each other in is a great way to make your blog into a virtual hot spot.

Further encourage activity on your blog by asking questions throughout your blog posts. This will make them more likely to share your content with other family and friends, increasing the total number of visitors and page views you are able to receive regularly.

Implement Social Media Tools

Implementing social media tools and virtual pages are key factors in finding success in the online world, especially in the blogosphere. By creating Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even LinkedIn profiles that represent you professionally, as well as promote your healthcare blog, you can greatly expand your audience without the traditional investments of advertising and marketing campaigns.

You can also add different social media tools directly to your blog that will allow your visitors to virtually “like” or “share” the content you choose to publish with their own circles of family and friends. You’ll not only become more active in these communities, but you’ll also become more relevant in the healthcare industry, both online and off.

Create a Visually Appealing Layout

Having a visually appealing layout is essential when you want to attract first-time visitors on your site to stay even longer and to browse the content you have to offer. A great layout will also keep retuning visitors interested and alert. In other words, no one can say that your blog bores them!

A visually appealing layout may require market research and the ability to streamline your logo and the remaining colors you choose to use throughout your blog. The more visually appealing your layout is to others, the more likely you are to receive return visitors and referrals to others who are interested in the content and information regarding health that you have to offer.

Cross-Test Usability on Multiple Browsers and Operating Systems

It is absolutely vital to cross-test your website or blog using various browsers and operating systems. Because everyone browses online using different resolutions, browsers and operating systems, ensuring your blog properly loads in different situations will keep visitors happy and able to access your content from anywhere.

Many bloggers and medical practitioners don’t consider these sorts of aspects when optimizing their blogs and websites, but they can make a huge difference to your readers. Furthermore, offering a mobile version of your healthcare blog will also increase your readership, especially with the boost of smartphones available on the market today.

Sprucing up your healthcare blog is a great way to build a positive reputation online while also boosting your own credibility, regardless of the healthcare industry you represent and the type of information or research you plan to present. The more in-tune you are with maintaining a modern and appealing website, the easier it is to receive visitors who are more likely to share your content and come back for more in the future.

Pete Wise is a blogger working for 20/20 LASIK Institute Indianapolis. When I’m not managing the facebook page, I’m qualifying our patients for LASIK and scheduling appointments.

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