Practice Marketing – Tips for Your Referral Marketing Machine

Its only when you actually set up a business that you realize the value of Practice Marketing. Of all the things you learned at business school or law school or med school, was there even one course that taught you how to generate business? Most likely not. But that doesn’t mean it’s a difficult thing to do.

Opinions can be the most persuasive marketing tool

In the midst of all the hurry to print new brochures and flyers and conceptualize advertising campaigns, you may often fail to notice something right in front of you – your existing client base.

So, to get your present clients to refer you, it is crucial that you provide them with an excellent service. Its only when they are convinced of the quality of your service that they will refer you to their families and friends. After all, when they do so, their reputation is at stake, too. Once they are pleased with your system, the referrals will happen automatically without you having to ask for it.

Visibility is the key

If you’ve established yourself as a respectable service provider, chances are you’re already attracting quite a few referrals. If not, perhaps you ought to look at improving your visibility through some Practice Marketing.

It’s not that your clients don’t want to refer you; it’s just that it may not strike them. So, prompt them to do so. Put up a notice at your office saying referrals are welcome; this simple step could do the trick. It gets people thinking of actively telling their family and colleagues about you.

Scout for people who refer your type of clients, those who target a group similar to yours. Then go get your name in front of them. Talk to them to find out how you could help each other. This, in Practice Marketing parlance, is known as setting up referral partners. Like, if you’re a cardiologist, you’d do well to get in touch with some local internists. Don’t forget to follow up regularly, though.

Host a social event

You could look at hosting some social events in your locality. Sponsor it yourself and make that visible. Or find sponsors if you’re looking at making it more lavish; you could even ask your referral partners to join you – it’ll ensure visibility for them, too.

Get your present clients to invite their group of contacts. This helps you to get to know them all personally and is a terrific way to build your business. If a particular area is your forte, try and invite a few prospects who can help to guide you to your target market. If you’re running a carpentry business, maybe you could look at inviting some reputed builders, painters and interior decorators.

Practice Marketing is an art that doesn’t come easy to everyone. But like most other things, it can be easily learnt. Gone are the times when you let your work speak for itself; you now have to give it the right language to speak in.

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