Learn about Your Market through Your Blog

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You can find out all kinds of information about your target market through your blog.

  • Ask a Question
    End your blog posts with a question and encourage your readers to give their two cents.
  • Always Answer Comments
    Reply to all comments, letting them know that you’re there and you’re responsive to them. Get a conversation going.
  • Email for More Info
    When you want to know more about a commenter’s opinion, email them personally.
  • Making Your Blog a Nice Neighborhood
    Make your blog a supportive place where people aren’t afraid to comment or ask questions.
  • Use Comments for Future Posts
    Turn your readers’ comments into future blog posts.
  • Spy on Your Competition
    Read your competition’s blog as well.


The same basic techniques can be used to engage customers and learn more about them on other sites as well.

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