Faking the Fall: A Beach Dweller’s Guide to Autumn in the South

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Here at CBU headquarters, we get really into autumn. I, in particular, being a born and raised Mainer will do everything in my power to make fall come to life no matter where I happen to be in the world. A life without seeing the hues of reds, oranges and yellows glistening in the October sunshine and the smells of cinnamon and clove filling the cool breeze seemed unimaginable.

And then it happened: my perfect New England autumnal live was whisked off to Tampa Bay for work in the middle September and I had to trade cozy scarves for strappy sandals. Luckily, a great friend made me a “Fake the Fall” care package to ease my soul and it wound up being a great conversation starter between two very different sides of the seasonal spectrum.

Think you can’t get that pumpkin spiced feel outside of your latte or seasonal craft brew? Here’s a few quick tips to make the most of autumn, no matter where you are:


  • Bonfires – Sure, it’s 100 degrees during the day and the thought of turning on your oven for dinner is the most ridiculous thing you could think of. But once the sun begins to set and the cool breeze pushes in from the waves, nothing feels more like fall than sitting on the beach with a group of friends talking about the season premier of The Walking Dead.


  • Watch a scary movie – Nothing says fall quite like having the pumpkin spice scared out of you! Not in to scary movies? Try a Halloween rom-com or something silly like Hocus Pocus (your writer’s favorite!)


  • Break out the fall scents – We like to keep things quick and au natural here at Coffee Break University. A quick and easy way to get that delicious autumnal smell without harsh chemicals or an overwhelming trip to the shop that sells every candle on the face of the earth (you know the one) is to infuse water and add heat. Try slicing oranges and then combining them with cinnamon sticks, star anise and cloves in a small pot with water and simmering on low. Want that great scent at the office? Try a mini crock pot or coffee mug warmer in lieu of your stovetop.


  • AC stands for more than “air conditioning” – Most of us have one very specific way to beat the heat: air conditioning. Why not make the most of that artificial coolness and get whisked away to The Smokey Mountains in September with a warm cup of apple cider and a lightweight sweater? CIDER HACK: Try jazzing up your cup with fresh cranberries and ginger. Yum!


  • Pumpkin EVERYTHING – Muffins, pies, bread, ravioli, soup and (my favorite) pancakes. Watching your calories but still wanting your entire body to permeate pumpkin? Try a sugar scrub on your face, neck and arms in the morning for that warm and fuzzy scent all day long. I mix equal parts coconut oil and raw sugar with a dab of pumpkin puree and splash of clove bud essential oil.


If none of these “Fake the Fall” tips seem to get you into the autumnal season, try taking a weekend trip to the closest leaf-peeper destination and put a few cinnamon sticks in your pocket for the drive. Sure, not everyone can pull of a Tampa-to-Maine trip JUST to see the leaves changes, but a quick shot up 75 will have you forgetting all about palm trees and flip flops.

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