5 Tips To Increasing Website Conversion Rates

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One of the most important metrics to any online business or marketing campaign is your website’s conversion rate. It doesn’t matter if you drive millions of people to your website if none of them convert. What constitutes a conversion will depend, of course, on what your goal is. It could be content downloads, purchases, sign-ups to your email lists and more. However, in all cases, these conversions will either create immediate revenue or will push prospects to another phase in your funnel so that they convert into revenue later on down the line.

So, conversion rates will translate into revenues eventually. And that means ensuring you generate the best possible conversion rate, which shouldn’t be too difficult, right? Well, not really. Things are never that simple because there are so many factors to take into account that will affect whether or not a prospect converts. Here are 5 tips to help you improve your conversion rate.

Increase Your CTAs

An action is made up of four elements, namely opportunity, ability, willpower and incentive. In other words, you have to present users with the opportunity to convert, give them the means by which to do so, provide them with an enticement and then ensure that they carry through.

The first step is to provide them with the opportunity to convert, and that means having multiple calls-to-action on your website. Though quality is usually more important than quantity, in this case, both are equally as important. Providing plenty of opportunities is one of the simplest things you can change but it’s also the most overlooked.

So, make sure you post plenty of CTAs, providing visitors with the opportunity to sign up, purchase or download. Put them in the sidebar, in your posts, as popup offers and more. Don’t go crazy, though. You don’t want to alienate your prospects. Finding the sweet spot might be difficult but it’s nothing a little split testing won’t help you with.

Position Your CTA At the End of Compelling Content

One study discovered that conversion rates increased by 304% when the call-to-action was placed after a piece of compelling content. So, make sure your sales copy is stellar and then place the CTA at the end as your visitors will be more motivated to follow through once you’ve convinced them with your copy.

Make Conversions Easy

Some people just seem intent on sabotaging themselves. They force their users to fill out lengthy forms or their site is full of bugs, making it impossible for someone to convert. And most people will give up within a few seconds because our attention spans have shrunk to ridiculously low levels. So, to avoid your visitors jumping ship, make sure that your site is easy to navigate, functional and that all forms are easy and quick to fill out. It takes the tiniest obstacle for visitors to give up, losing you another conversion, so don’t give them the opportunity to bail.
Offer a Distraction-Free Environment

We’re already surrounded by myriad distractions, so the last thing you should be doing is providing your visitors with even more distractions when you want them to convert. Instead of placing your calls-to-action among a ton of other content that engages your visitors, try to keep the surrounding area as clutter-free as possible. Don’t stick it next to links for related content or next to a banner ad because your visitors’ attention will be divided and you could come out on the losing end. Remember, keep it as distraction-free as possible if you want to see your conversion rates increase.

Don’t Give Them Too Many Options

While options are usually a good thing, offering your prospects too many options can backfire. The more options someone has, the more likely they are to freeze and get stuck in analysis-paralysis mode. Generally, stick to two or three options at most, because it will be easier for your prospects to make a decision. Also, make sure the middle offer is the one you really want to sell because people generally tend to choose the middle one, a fact that has been proven by retailers and marketers repeatedly.

There are many other strategies and tactics to help you increase your website’s conversion rates, but these are certainly a good starting point. Beyond these, remember that the key is to actually work at it and once you’ve done your testing and established the best methodology, you can move on to other tactics to drive those conversions even higher.


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Looking for Ways to Shine? 3 Simple Freelance Resume Tips

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What Potential Clients are Looking for in a Freelance Resume

Looking to attract new clients with a freshly polished resume? Good for you – show ’em what you got.

Just remember, it’s the little things that matter most when it comes to making that all important first impress. Here’s a few freelance writer resume tips that I wish I’d know when I was first starting out.

Special Advice for Those Creating a Freelance Writer Resume

If most of your experience as a freelance writer has been blogging or lower paying gigs, don’t make the mistake of minimizing what you’ve accomplished. The fact that you’ve been creating professional quality content or have established a meaningful online community is exactly the kind of thing hiring managers want to see on a freelance writer resume. Break down what types of projects you’ve worked on, fields of expertise, and, whenever possible, the impact that you’re content made on a given project.

  1. Focus on Your Skills – The very nature of being a freelancer or a consultant means that you’re going to a much less “stable” looking job history than other professionals. Provide your freelance resume with a narrative by focusing on your skills and breaking up your experience into different types of projects (advertising, reports, etc) rather than each individual employer.
  2. Create More Than One Resume – Whether your a designer, a techie or hired muscle, the chances are that your going to find different opportunities for different parts of your skill set. Be ready to go with a few different spins on your freelancing background on hand rather than sending over your standard boilerplate.
  3. Emphasize Your Results – No matter what kind of professional services you have to offer, you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing if you didn’t offer clients some return on their investment. Your resume needs to demonstrate the impact that your work had on your given projects, not just the roles that you performed.

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5 Safety Tips for Busy Parents

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It has been said that one of the hardest jobs a person can take on is that of a parent. In fact, in many instances, being a parent is a million jobs rolled into one – cook, driver, stylist, personal shopper…you name it, and at some point in your child’s lifetime, you’ll probably do it, in your quest to help raise them from your baby to a self sufficient adult.

We’ve compiled 5 tips, compiled from the web to make each day just a little easier for you!

  • Keep a spray bottle in your car full of water for hot summer days! The spray bottle can be used to spritz seatbelts as you get into the car, which will help frustrated kiddos from getting
  • Put a paste of baking soda and water on  you child’s splinter and let sit for a few minutes, the baking soda will push the splinter out saving your child an unnecessarily painful splinter removal.
  • Kids love to run and slide when they have on their favorite socks, but as any parent can attest, this never ends well. Encourage your kids to slow down by adding puffy fabric paint to their socks, which will create a bit of a grip
  • Planning a day out an an amusement park or some other fun adventure, but worried about losing a child in the crowd? No fear, you can find safety stickers that allow you to write your phone number and name on your child and attach to their arm, or even a piece of clothing that can be easily seen by a stranger, if they do wander off.
  • When your baby is sick, every parent wishes there was something more they could do to make their little one feel better. While a virus must run it’s course, help reduce their nighttime coughing by rubbing vapor on their feet and then putting socks on.

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Jump Start Your Social Media: Tips for Building a Great Facebook Page

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Depending on your niche as a professional service provider, creating and maintaining a Facebook page for your business can serve as an excellent resource for generating leads and building a reputation in both your community and your industry. However, it’s important to have a game plan when it comes to combining practice marketing and social media campaigns like these so that you don’t end up with an empty ghost town of a page with a handful of likes and no recent updates. Here’s some basic Facebook fan page tips to ensure that your page is engaging as possible and positioned to attract your ideal target audience.

Selecting Great Profile Photos

By default, Facebook automatically selects a few of the photos that you have posted to the wall of your fan page and features in a highly visible strip at the top of your page. Instead of random photos, Facebook also gives admins the option to select five top photos to be featured in this area. Take a moment to find some great pics that are relevant to your practices and brand, then delete the photos that you don’t want to feature by navigating to Photos => Select Photos.

Displaying Your Featured Likes

Selecting a few of your top Likes to feature on your practice’s Facebook fan page is a great way to draw attention to your other Facebook campaigns or some of your most important strategic partners. Featuring some thought leaders in your region or niche on your page is also a great way to get the attention of potential partners who might respond in kind by promoting you in their own social network. Simply click on Edit Page on your fan page, navigate to Featured => Edit Featured Likes and pick the accounts you would like to promote.

Revealing Your Page Owners

Let your potential fans see some of the faces behind your brand by activating the Page Owners display option for Facebook fan page. This feature simply shows the names and profile pics of the administrators of your fan page and is an element that every practice with a highly personalized brand needs to incorporate into their page. This element can be activated under the same Featured settings menu as Featured Likes.

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