How to Use Email to Better Understand Your Market

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Email is a cheap, easy and fast way to find out more about your target market.

  • Email Makes It Easy
    Email surveys are extremely easy for both you and your respondents.
  • Opinion Surveys by Email
    Opinion surveys require a little more from your respondents but can yield more in-depth information.
  • The Dreaded Delete Button
    Keep your respondents from deleting your emails by clearly stating what the emails are all about and what they can expect.
  • Spicing up Your Surveys
    Add images or other media to your email surveys to make them more interesting.
  • Take Advantage of Software Programs
    Software programs automate everything for you.
  • Share the Results
    Share the results with your respondents through email or your blog.


Before conducting surveys by email, make sure your target market is online. Some consumers aren’t.

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