Taking Your Online Reputation To The Next Level

reputation managementThere is a lot of talk about how you can promote small businesses online by using search engine optimization techniques. While SEO tactics will constantly change, accumulating good reviews and positive feedback is something that will have a lasting and permanents effect. If you know how to earn the good opinion of your customers you will find that good results in search engines will follow and in an organic and lasting way.

Getting Positive Reviews and Ratings

There are several ways to get good reviews and ratings from customers. The first is through your own website. You need to think about a comments and review section at the early stages of planning your own jewelry website. This section should ideally allow customers to post their opinion about the purchase they have made, the level of customer service they received and the quality of your product.

Direct your customers to established review websites such as Epinions and Yelp and encourage them to write a review there. If you accumulate a large number of positive reviews in such websites, you increase your chances of being successful in search results. Such reviews will sometimes appear when a consumer is searching for a particular product and considerably improve your chances of appearing trustworthy. When potential customers feel that they can trust you, you more than double your chances of making an actual sale.

You can also create Facebook pages for your jewelry business and encourage your clients to post positive reviews. When you get positive reviews from several sources, social media, review sites and e-commerce sites, you convince both consumers and search engines that you are the real deal.

Adjusting your Customer Service Practices

Most chances are that you will be selling your jewelry in e-commerce websites as well as through your own website. Such websites will always have a ratings system. You are probably familiar with the Ebay style five star rating system and how influential it is in potential customers’ decisions whether or not to make a particular purchase.

The famous “the customer is always right” slogan is now more important than ever. But in addition to successfully resolving customer care issues, you will also need to develop a customer service strategy and publish clear terms and conditions for each and every product that you put up for sale.

You will need to be very specific about issues such as postage and mailing fees and postage, as well as customer dissatisfaction and returns. By outlining in writing your terms and conditions, you will avoid most of the possible misunderstanding. If you fail to define clearly what happens in cases of loss, breakage, theft or customer dissatisfaction you may have a hard time dealing with such issues if and when they arise.

You will also need to make some concessions, even in cases in which you have outlined your policies and are in the right. Remember, that in today’s new online jewelry market it is preferable to lose a small amount of money on a particular sale than to receive a negative review.


Doron Heifetz is an expert jeweler and the owner of the monogram necklace website.

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