Marketing Research: Where To Spend Your Advertising Budget Online

advertising budgetInternet advertising offers proven ways to drive traffic, increase conversions and build your business. However, with so many methods and platforms from which to choose, deciding the best platforms to use can be a difficult process. Without a proper strategy, online advertising expenses can climb at an astounding rate. These platforms offer measurable results and affordable pricing to help you optimize your online advertising budget.

1. Google AdWords

Google AdWords offers an easy to use system with a full suite of analytics and planning tools to ensure your efforts stay within your advertising budget. The key to getting the most from AdWords is conducting thorough keyword research and utilizing all of the tools that Google makes available. Many businesses make the mistake of simply setting an inclusive AdWords list and launching their campaign. By researching the most cost-efficient keywords and utilizing exclusions and geo-targeting along with inclusive lists, you can hone your campaign to produce results with less investment.

2. Banner Advertisements

Banner advertisements are a great way to compliment any Internet marketing plan. Searching for sites within your niche or market will often yield a long list of potential sites that will allow banner advertisements to be displayed in various time intervals. Checking site statistics on sites such as Alexa can help to provide information on how popular the page is and how many impressions you can hope to obtain with a banner ad. Consider these factors in combination with pricing to find the best match for your advertising budget.

3. Article and Content Marketing

Sponsored posts and content marketing are one of the most affordable methods of advertising and gaining exposure. By positioning your articles or content in article databases or on prominent websites and blogs within your industry, you can gain massive boosts to traffic and exposure for your business at affordable rates. Site criteria for submitted content vary greatly. Should your business or marketing team lack writers, there are a number of content creation services and independent writers available on the Internet that can draft high-quality content at affordable prices.

4. Video Marketing

Rises in mobile web browsing and shifts in media consumption have led to a surge of interest in video content. Whether you are creating an advertorial, providing product information or going for the ultimate viral ad, video marketing offers outstanding potential for any business. Distributing videos through sites such as YouTube, Vimeo and Metacafe offers great exposure for your ad. Should you desire targeted, cost-based video marketing, many video sites also sell slots that air before popular videos. However, these services often come at a premium price.

5. Facebook Advertisements

From businesses and charities to friends and family, it seems that every one is on Facebook. The platform also offers a comprehensive advertisement and post promotion system that allows you to generate targets, budgets and other criteria to ensure that your efforts stay within your allotted budget. Whether you are looking to create a larger social media following or simply promote your business, Facebook has plenty of tools to help. Facebook promotions and giveaways are also a pretty important part of the landscape these days.

Internet advertising can be a daunting experience. Without knowledge of how to use various formats and the best methods to choose, it is easy to spend a large sum of money with little results. These five options offer affordable, in-depth Internet advertising tools for businesses of any size or budget.


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